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Mastering Word 365 – Expert (2024)

Learn to expertly utilize Microsoft Word’s advanced features for efficiency, consistency, and collaboration.


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In this comprehensive course taught by Microsoft Certified Trainer Christina Tankersley, you’ll learn how to use all the expert features in Word 365. You’ll learn how to customize the Word interface to save time. You’ll learn to customize tables of contents, watermarks, footnotes, headers, footers, and columns and see how to work with custom and exclude dictionaries. You’ll also streamline mailings by learning how to set up, customize, and perform mail merges. 


Christina will show you how to create consistent documentation with document templates and font options. She’ll demonstrate how to create and manage styles as well as how to use advanced find techniques and add cover pages. You’ll learn how to create AutoText, manage Quick Parts, and use the features built into AutoMath and AutoFormat to type and format more efficiently. You’ll also learn how to use graphic tools and drawing options. 


If you’re collaborating with others, you’ll find it helpful to learn how to streamline information gathering with forms and how to protect documents when sharing or sending. You’ll even learn how to transform a document into a Sway! 



Topics covered include: 

  • Managing document templates 
  • Customizing a table of contents 
  • Mastering font options and styles 
  • Using advanced find techniques 
  • Adding and customizing watermarks 
  • Managing Quick Parts 
  • Working with custom dictionaries 
  • Using the features built into AutoMath and AutoFormat 
  • Customizing footnotes, headers, footers, and columns 
  • Adding and linking text boxes 
  • Inserting and managing fields 
  • Protecting and adding signatures to documents 
  • Merging documents and performing a mail merge 
  • Using graphic tools and drawing options 
  • Creating, modify, and use forms 
  • Transforming a document into a Sway 


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Taught by top subject matter experts, Bigger Brains courses are professionally designed around key learning objectives, and include captions and transcripts in 29 languages, downloadable handouts, and optional LinkedIn digital badges on course completion.

Course Contents:

#  Lesson  Length 
1  Introduction  2:19 
2  Customizing Word and Managing Templates  9:28 
3  Customizing the Table of Contents  5:05 
4  Mastering Font Options  5:05 
5  Managing Styles  7:29 
6  Advanced Find, Watermarks, and Cover Pages  9:23 
7  Quick Parts and Building Blocks  5:33 
8  Custom Dictionary and Automatic Corrections  7:23 
9  Customize Footnotes, Headers, Footers, and Columns  9:46 
10  Text Boxes and Fields  4:46 
11  Protect Documents  7:34 
12  Restrict Access and Share  8:25 
13  Signatures  6:35 
14  Compare Documents and Versions  6:50 
15  Mastering Graphics  7:25 
16  Editing with a Pen  2:12 
17  Forms  8:39 
18  Set Up Mail Merge  6:03 
19  Perform Mail Merges  9:58 


Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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