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Virtual Selling

Equip yourself for the virtual sales world and increase your sales!

$50 USD

Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

Good sales professionals understand the sales world has changed but they may not be taking advantage of these changes just because they are changes.  Move ahead in your mindset and upskill your sales tools with all you need to know about getting started selling virtually. Don’t let others beat you to the close because of a lack of virtual sales tools. 


This course will give you the skills and confidence to work the virtual sales world. Topics covered include: 

  • Creating and holding virtual meetings that are effective sales tools and save time. 
  • Understanding what you can and can’t do in the virtual sales world.   
  • Building relationships and creating connections through good communication. 
  • Using video messaging, personal videos, and LinkedIn to increase sales. 


Sales professionals Stacia Skinner and Marisa Pensa know how to help you become The Closer when it comes to customer sales.  This course gets you started on your way! 


Enjoy award winning HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains style!


Taught by top subject matter experts, Bigger Brains courses are professionally designed around key learning objectives, and include captions and transcripts in 29 languages, downloadable handouts, and optional LinkedIn digital badges on course completion. 

Course Contents:

#  Section  #  Lesson  Length 
1  Getting Started  1  Introduction  4:11 
    2  Reactive Vs. Proactive Selling  4:45 
    3  Virtual Selling is Here to Stay  8:05 
2  Building Relationships Through Communication  4  It’s Not What You Say, I’ts How You Say It  4:41 
    5  My Generation  8:59 
    6  The Disadvantages of Virtual Selling  10:20 
    7  The Advantages of Virtual Selling  10:21 
3  Virtual Meeting  8  Getting Set for a Virtual Meeting  9:27 
    9  Masterful Virtual Meetings  5:22 
    10  Using Stories  5:16 
    11  Virtual Meeting Etiquette  8:55 
    12  The Virtual No-Show  7:27 
4  Additional Contact Points  13  The Two-Way vs. One-Way Communication  5:30 
    14  Using the Power of Six to Create a Connection  11:51 
    15  Let’s Talk Video Messaging  6:46 
    16  Producing a Personal Video  5:28 
    17  Let’s Get Social on LinkedIn  10:08 
    18  The Cadence of Follow-Through  11:19 

$50 USD

Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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