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Microsoft Sway Essentials (2023)

Looking to make a different impression in your online communication? SWAY might be the way.


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Containing elements from Publisher, Word and PowerPoint, Sway is an interactive way to share a message, newsletter, or proposal in an online, visually appealing format. It’s part of your M365 subscription, so why not learn how to use it? 


Are you tired of creating the same old standard presentations and documents? Are you looking for a way to gain people’s attention and help them remember your content? Sway is a great way to distribute information in a unique way. People can click through the content on their own and view your text, images, and videos. 


Our Microsoft expert Jennifer Buchholz will show you multiple ways to create a Sway, and how to add and format text. You’ll also learn how to add graphics, logos, and videos, as well as some creative ways to view them. You’ll want to customize the design and presentation, and once your Sway is complete, you’ll need to share it with your viewers. 


It’s time to learn SWAY: It’S WAY cool! 



Topics covered include: 

  • Discussing the overall purpose and benefits of Sway 
  • Navigating the interface 
  • Creating a new Sway 
  • Inserting and formatting text 
  • Adding graphics and video 
  • Modifying the style and design 
  • Viewing and sharing a Sway 
  • Customizing settings 



Enjoy high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style. 


Taught by top subject matter experts, Bigger Brains courses are professionally designed around key learning objectives, and include captions and transcripts in 29 languages, downloadable handouts, and optional LinkedIn digital badges on course completion.

Course Contents:

#  Lesson  Length 
1  Introduction  1:39 
2  What is Sway?  1:55 
3  Starting a Sway  4:41 
4  Inserting Text  2:43 
5  Adding Graphics and Video  4:28 
6  Designing Your Sway  6:38 
7  Viewing and Sharing  4:35 


Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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