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Mastering Excel 2021 – Beginner

Learn to use the world’s most popular tool for analyzing and reporting on data.


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Learn how to use the world’s most popular software tool for analyzing and reporting on data.  


When you master Excel, you have one of the most practical and valuable skillsets in modern business. You will learn to work wonders with your data—from organizing lists to creating charts and interactive reports. Excel will help you answer critical business questions like ROI, budget allocations, expense tracking, and more. This course is your first step towards becoming an expert at using Excel.


This is our most requested training course!


Topics covered include: 

  • Navigating the interface
  • Creating and saving workbooks
  • Selecting and entering data
  • Performing calculations
  • Formatting data
  • Adding charts and graphics
  • Sorting and filtering lists


Over two hours of high-quality HD content in the “Uniquely Engaging”TM Bigger Brains Teacher-Learner style!

Course Contents:

#   Section   #   Lesson   Length  
1   Getting Started


1 Introduction 1:51
2 Navigating Excel 9:59
3 Using Commands 7:06
4 Selecting Data 7:17
2   Data Entry 5 Creating a New Workbook 5:37
6 Entering Cell Data 10:02
7 Using AutoFill 8:54
8 Getting Help 4:08
3   Formulas and Functions 9 Creating Formulas 8:04
10 Inserting Functions 10:28
11 Copying Formulas and Functions 7:12
4   Formatting and Printing 12 Applying Text Formats 4:43
13 Applying Cell Styles 6:27
14 Applying Basic Conditional Formatting 6:17
15 Printing Workbooks 8:40
5   Charts and Graphics 16 Creating Charts 5:48
17 Inserting Graphics 3:16
6   Working with Lists 18 Sorting Data 5:50
19 Filtering Data 6:39


Suggested price per user, ask about bundle discounts

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