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BrainBot Reborn! Introducing BrainBot 2.9

The Origins

BrainBot was created as a tool to reinforce Bigger Brains training courses. Our goal was to develop a tool for Spaced Repetition that would work directly in the learner’s workflow. Instead of providing only multiple-choice questions, BrainBot needed to be able to support a variety of interactions.

As BrainBot began being utilized by other businesses, we realized that BrainBot needed to be able to launch from any Learning Management System or eLearning course. Additionally, our Chatbot needed to evolve to effectively support a variety of media, such as; videos, images, GIFs, emojis, and links. As the usage of BrainBot grew, so did its core abilities. BrainBot can currently effectively provide Training Reinforcement Boosters, Drip-Feed Learning, Assessments, Post-Training Feedback, New Employee Onboarding, and more!

The Problem

A lot of the training available in the corporate world are single-time events. At single-time events, an individual is expected to acquire as much information as possible and retain that knowledge. Unfortunately, we know this process does not work in the long run. Most people forget the info learned in a workshop, eLearning course, or virtual training session within days after the event.

While most people believe that additional studying will help them recall information correctly, we know from multiple research studies that effortful recall is more effective. This can be done by asking the learner meaningful questions periodically in the days and weeks after the initial training.

“Implementing a training program without a plan for post-training reinforcement is committing training malpractice.” – Dr. Art Kohn.

The Solution

If we know that Retrieval Practice is the most beneficial way to retain information, why is it not standard practice? Up until now, enforcing Spaced Repetition has been very hard to do. It takes ample time for one person to send reinforcements manually and a hefty budget to utilize other apps on the market. Thankfully, BrainBot is revolutionizing this practice.

BrainBot can send post-training reinforcements to your teams through their typical workflow environment – email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Webex. These reinforcements are sent out on an optimized schedule after the initial training, with the space between interactions increasing over time.

After you create a sequence and select the schedule, you can choose from seven types of interactions for each reinforcement. These interactions can prompt the learner to recall information from previous training to help train their brain to retain information. They can also include additional materials such as videos, images, links to handouts and presentations, and more.

The webpage for BrainBot, the Spaced Repetition app

After 2023 BrainBot Creator accounts will continue to be free for all corporate clients using Bigger Brains content and members of the BrainBot Advisory Council. If you would like more information on the BrainBot Advisory Council, or if you would like to apply, email brainbot@bigger-brains.com today!

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