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Brain Bites – Writing Effective Emails (Spanish): New Course Announcement 

While most business communication is done through email, there is a difference between sharing a message and sending an email that others will act on. Knowing how to create emails that generate responses is one of the most crucial skills you can have in the workplace. Because of this, Bigger Brains created a new course: Brain Bites – Writing Effective Emails (Spanish).

Inside this course, you will learn the difference between when you should send an email versus using another form of communication. Additionally, this course will ensure your emails are professional by utilizing the six best practices associated with email communication. Throughout this course, you will learn how to write concise emails with clearly communicated key points and no extra information. Upon completing this course, you should be able to write straightforward emails by identifying your purpose and verifying that your email supports that purpose. Why wait to learn how to communicate clearly? Get Bigger Brains today!

Watch the course sample below! 

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