Microsoft Teams Essentials (2022): New Course Announcement

During the Covid-19 work from home order, many businesses turned to Microsoft Teams. This platform allows people to share documents, collaborate with team members, and effortlessly host video calls. Recently Microsoft automatically updated Teams. If you didn’t realize this, don’t worry! Instead of worrying about new changes, watch as Bigger Brains shows the ins and outs of this update in this new course!

a group of people having a conversation - like how people in Microsoft teams can communicate and collaborate easily

Why is it Important to Understand Updates?  

Understanding potential updates are crucial because, without them, you’re falling behind. When it comes to business software, working against updates is an excellent way to add unnecessary work. Updates work to make tasks smoother and easier for employees. With this new course, viewers will learn how Microsoft Teams has updated and learn to navigate through those changes.

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