Powerful Benefits of Cyber-Attack Training

This past year shifted the entire business world. The sudden change to working from home introduced a new wave of security threats that companies had not had to consider before. And, businesses are seeing an increase in the intensity of these attacks. Thankfully, there are ways to catch a cyber-attack before it strikes. The easiest way to avoid them is to train employees on good security habits. 

Bigger Brains offers various courses that focus on different types of cyber protection. Think Before You Click, a course explaining the benefits of cyber-security. In this course, IT security expert Ken Dwight, aka “The Virus Doctor,” will walk you through the world of cybersecurity, including all the attacks, techniques, and strategies the bad guys use every day to try and make us click without thinking. Brain Bites: Staying Safe Online allows you to “meet the hackers” who might try to harm your company. This course will help you learn how to recognize how they try to use you and your colleagues to steal money, data, and more.

Training Reduces Accidents 

One of the main reasons an employee could fall victim to a cyber-attack is that they don’t realize it is a scam. Phishing tactics and other cyber-attacks have increased severity and credibility over the past years. Even though they are scams, they look and read like real inquiries and legitimate emails. 

Phishing attacks have been around since the 1990s, and they still play a massive role in the cyber-attack industry today. This kind of attack has a history of success because hackers usually present themselves as someone you can trust. By pretending that they are your boss, for example, scammers can ask for important information without raising alarms. 

Woman at a computer holding her phone and looking at it - cyber-attack.

Educated Staff Enhances Security 

At the very least, encourage employees to learn about various scams. When employees know of potential scams, they are more consistently alert and on the lookout. Ask them to report anything that looks suspicious. This can help the company be aware of possible scam emails and address them before becoming an issue. This is also a benefit for the company in terms of employee compliance. If more employees are aware of the risk of cyber-attacks, they will be more likely to comply with company changes in security. 

Education Reduces Embarrassment 

Nobody likes to mess up. Even more so, nobody wants to mess up publicly and have everyone realize it. By training employees on different cyber-attack scams and how to avoid them, you can reduce the chance that someone will fall victim to this crime. Most people who fall victim to these scams immediately regret their actions and are embarrassed that they didn’t realize it sooner. 

Studies show that employees who have been trained on popular scam tactics are less likely to click corrupted links and files. This knowledge is a significant benefit for any company since the average cost of upgrading equipment after an attack is about $955,429. 

Mistakes happen in life, and people fall victim to phishing schemes and other scam tactics. By acting before the cyber-attack, you can train your employees to be on the lookout and save your business time and money.

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