How to Effectively Train Your Cyber-Security

Our last blog looked at the company benefits of training employees to recognize and avoid Cyber-attacks. Now it is time to explain how companies can find training material. Since many companies are dealing with cyber-security threats, there are many resources available on how to avoid them.  


Try checking out podcasts for those interested in a less expensive way to train employees. Podcasts are the trendy way people share large amounts of information with others. The good thing about podcasts is that employees can determine when they want to listen to them. One podcast beneficial to this topic is “Help Me With HIPAA.” This podcast is run by Donna Grindle, a Bigger Brains instructor. To learn more from Donna, check out her Intro to HIPAA course. Another beneficial podcast for those looking to educate their employees is 7 Minute Security. Brian Johnson puts a personal spin on over 15 years of experience in these weekly episodes.

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Phishing attacks have been around since the 1990s, and still play a role in the cyber-attack industry. This kind of attack has a history of success because hackers present themselves as someone you trust. By pretending that they are your boss, for example, scammers can steal important information.

There are a variety of websites available that provide phishing quizzes for free. These are excellent tools for any business to provide to its employees. Jigsaw is a Google-owned company that offers various fake emails while having you differentiate which are legitimate and which are scams.  

Cisco is another company that offers a free phishing quiz. Unlike Jigsaw, Cisco does not answer whether an email is a scam until the end of the quiz. Both resources are essential because they show different types of phishing scams. 

Office Decor 

Sometimes a simple reminder is needed to help people stay alert for phishing attacks. Because of this, CyberSafe Work offers free downloadable posters. These posters provide a wide selection of different designs displaying different tips to keep you cyber-safe! 

Overall, many companies have material to help train your company to deal with cyber-security threats. These are just a few of the websites to check out. Additional information can be found here; National Cybersecurity Alliance, and Gibson Research Corporation.

From training courses on cyber-security to needing a quick review of Word, Bigger Brains has your back. 

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