4 Essential Tips to Properly Recognize Holidays in the Workplace

Most companies have made significant changes in their diversity standards over the years. As great as this is, more can be done to incorporate diversity into every aspect of the company. Recognition of holidays is important, but it can be hard to determine which holidays should be recognized by the company and which should not. With these different tips, you can make sure that you recognize holidays in a respectful way. 


The best way to find out what your employees want more of in the company is by asking them. Though you may think it essential to recognize a holiday, an employee from that culture/religion might think it is offensive. Because of this, it is best to respectfully and privately ask employees which holidays they would like celebrated in the office. It is essential to keep these questions private and always give employees the option to answer them. 

Think Ahead 

While it is important to ask employees what they would like recognized in the office, it is also good to think ahead about upcoming holidays. There are many holidays and important dates that don’t get the level of recognition they deserve. Staying on top of upcoming important dates can make sure that you are prepared to recognize events if your employees are comfortable with that. 

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Highlight Holidays 

If your company has a business newsletter, you can use this to recognize and educate others. By writing an article about upcoming holidays and their backgrounds, you can educate other employees on the date’s significance. This is important to keep in mind because some employees might not feel comfortable celebrating the holiday in the office. However, they might still want to educate others on their culture or religion. Incorporating the importance of upcoming holidays into a newsletter is a respectful way to inform others and acknowledge the importance of the date.

Diversity Days 

A diversity day would allow employees to mingle and learn more about each other through a genuine connection. One idea could be encouraging employees to bring a traditional meal of their choice to share with the office. This allows the opportunity for genuine conversations and connections to be made. 

Overall, it is important to incorporate diversity into the workplace, but it is essential to respect your employees’ wishes as so many special days are tied to religion. Even though you might have ideas of ways to recognize a holiday, you need to ask all employees which of their holidays they would like recognized.

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