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1 year ago
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Bigger Brains Pricing Demystified

Founded in 2012, Bigger Brains has long been committed to supporting businesses across all industries and sectors and our pricing is reflective of that. Bigger Brains is commited to providing training that is not only easy and engaging to follow but is also seamlessly integrated into a company’s existing LMS.


Since accessibility is a major driving force in the modern world of business, it is essential to consider all preferred learning styles when looking for training. The Bigger Brains library satisfies both individuals expanding their knowledge and corporate groups, with online courses that are compatible with every business’s existing LMS, and that break training down into small, bitesize chunks.


Accessibility does not exclusively translate to the way our courses are designed and distributed to clients. It also considers our pricing structure and how we, as a business, have developed a pricing strategy that lets companies pay for the courses they need without exhausting their development budget. Here’s how it works…

SCORM content using your existing LMS

Perhaps the easiest way to benefit from Bigger Brains’ eLearning modules and courses is via a subscription solution. This enables businesses to purchase licenses for their employees and grant them access to the entire Bigger Brains library via their own, existing LMS.

Corporate businesses and large companies find that our SCORM-licensed training blends well with their existing training programs thanks to the ease of integration, while the unique teacher-learner format boosts engagement and interactive learning.

Learning as a non-profit

Further enhancing our accessibility promise, here at Bigger Brains we are dedicated to giving back – which is why we have launched a discounted solution for non-profit organisations; providing them with access to the same training but at a lower and more sustainable rate.

Small business owners and self-employed Bigger Brains clients

Not just for large businesses and growing offices – Bigger Brains is also here for sole traders, self-employed freelancers, and business owners who are just starting out. With a comprehensive collection of online courses for individuals, you can pay for what you want and what you need – with cancellation available at any time, zero contractual obligations, and access to all the Bigger Brains courses you need, when you need them. Simply access our content via the Bigger Brains online LMS or via our Teams app, and you’re good to go!

Suitable for resellers and partner organisations

Finally, we don’t just work on a direct-to-user basis – we are also proud to partner with top training and technology companies that connect their own clients with our learning style. Whether you are implementing technology solutions and want to include a training solution to support the way they use their new technology, or want to support business growth through access to unrivalled development opportunities for their team, working with Bigger Brains allows you to offer a more comprehensive offering – with various pricing solutions depending on your clients’ needs.

To learn more about the pricing of each of these individual solutions, reach out to us directly – and you can get a flavour of our training and how we work with our clients via our Youtube channel. 

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