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Advantages Of Taking Online Courses With Bigger Brains

Let’s talk Online Courses. Ten years have passed since the launch of Bigger Brains, and in that time, we have not only grown and expanded to include new courses and new programs, but have also adapted to client demand and changed the way we deliver training across a multitude of topics. Bigger Brains was born from a belief that training doesn’t have to be boring – rather, it can be effectively delivered in short and engaging lessons via an easily accessible online platform. This blog offers insight into how Bigger Brains training can be effectively integrated into your existing LMS; considering the format for users, the value of our solutions, and how our different courses can help you to nurture and grow a more sustainable business.

Bigger Brains online courses – our training model

Bigger Brains is recognised by clients old and new for its Teacher/Learner style of training – which features a resident expert in a selected topic engaging directly with a learner on screen.

As users watch the Teacher explain the subject matter, the on-screen Learner is actively asking questions throughout the entire course. This helps the end user hear questions they may already be thinking about and, in turn, retain the answer given by the Teacher on-screen – in much the same way as they might do in a traditional classroom setting. Existing clients label this style of learning as both innovative and highly engaging, which makes for more memorable, and effective courses. 


Not only do our soft skill courses showcase this Teacher/Learner format, but our software courses feature this teaching style. Bigger Brains’ software courses lean on the same basic teaching style for optimum performance and information retention; empowering the on-screen learner to voice many of the common questions and concerns which pop up when using a new software or online tool. Some of the most popular training topics that Bigger Brains covers include accounting, finance, Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, management, business skills, communication skills, and more – demonstrating a broad, varied approach to training across the workplace and beyond.


Because of this, Bigger Brains training is both more engaging for users and more relatable – providing a comprehensive overview of not just the tool or software itself but also how to use it, how to integrate it into everyday business, and how to overcome potential issues and challenges.


Training that integrates seamlessly

One question we often get asked refers to how easy Bigger Brains is to integrate into an existing training and development system.

Bigger Brains’ courses can be quickly and easily integrated within the existing LMS you use in your business, and are compatible with any SCORM-compliant LMS as well as AICC, zAPI, MP4, and through our Microsoft Teams app. What that means on a basic user level is that the interface for accessing training remains the same for you, your colleagues, and your employees – making it easier than ever to access our training.


And it doesn’t end there. Our licensing server eliminates the administrative hassle, which so often becomes a point of contention in relation to workplace training, therefore enabling the learning administrator to manage their licenses, review usage, and understand how their employees or colleagues are interacting with the content.


Accessible online study for all users – and all budgets

When it comes to online training, we understand that accessibility is an integral part of modern business – and that your business’ commitment to accessibility considers both the budgetary restrictions of training and development opportunities and ensures that every user is able to benefit from the training.


Being accessible in the 21st Century means considering the way that different users learn and engage with training content – with adjustments needing to be made to the way training is presented, the way audio is combined with subtitles, and even the way that different tasks and activities are communicated.

As part of our own development story, we spent huge chunks of time reviewing the existing training footage out in the world of eLearning and considered some of the biggest issues raised by users – coming up with our own solutions and ways to overcome them. Using a combination of television and social media touchpoints, we took inspiration from the popularity of short and engaging snippets of content and turned that into something that delivered value to modern businesses.


We then took our concept and business model one step further by developing a series of subscription and pricing solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes – enhancing our accessibility promise and making sure that all users who want to, can access Bigger Brains training. Whether it’s cybersecurity, meeting management, or our modules on HIPAA and Microsoft Excel, everyone from small business owners to sole traders and global corporations can find a subscription and access a solution that suits their needs and their budget.


The Brains behind the business

Bigger Brains is the culmination of a commitment to professional learning and personal development, and to delivering online training courses which actually engage and make a difference in the world of modern business.When you sign up and try Bigger Brains, you become part of our extensive community led by our productivity team – and enable us to continue providing comprehensive training courses and programs to businesses of all sizes and across all sectors on a regular basis.

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