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2 months ago
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Mastering Outlook 365 – Expert (2024) : New Course Announcement

In an era where email remains a cornerstone of professional communication, mastering Outlook 365 at an expert level can transform your productivity and efficiency. Bigger Brains is excited to announce the launch of Mastering Outlook 365 – Expert (2024), a course designed for those looking to dive deeper into the advanced functionalities of Outlook. This course guides you through customizing your Outlook experience, from changing language settings, read receipts, and editor options to personalizing stand-out signatures. You’ll learn to tailor Outlook panes and views to your preferences, manage your workflow offline, and set sophisticated preferences for downloading headers and items.

Delving deeper, the course introduces managing RSS feeds, creating new profiles, and adding essential add-ins like Viva Insights and DocuSign to streamline your operations. You’ll explore the innovative integration of Loop Components in messages, the creation and utilization of email templates in OFT format, and the nuances of delegating folder access with precise permission levels. Advanced search techniques, including using Advanced Find and creating customized search folders, are demystified, enabling you to pinpoint information swiftly. Additionally, you’ll learn strategies to reduce your mailbox and attachment sizes, archive messages effectively, and maintain a clutter-free inbox with Clean Up tools and retention policies.

Beyond email management, Mastering Outlook 365 – Expert (2024) empowers you with skills to master changing meeting and display options, importing and exporting contact lists in CSV format with accurate field mapping, and sharing contacts and business cards seamlessly. This course enhances your technical capabilities within Outlook and equips you with organizational strategies to manage your digital communication with unparalleled proficiency. Enroll now to unlock the full potential of Outlook 365, enhancing your productivity and transforming your professional communication strategy.

Watch the course sample below!

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