Mastering Word 365 – Beginner (2022): New Course Announcement

Almost everyone has used or come in contact with Microsoft Word before. At the same time, there are some individuals who have never used Microsoft Word and are not aware of their capabilities inside the software. Are you confident that everyone inside your organization is aware of the basic tools and features the world’s most powerful document creation software provides? Bigger Brains has the power to ensure confidence in every team member’s abilities inside Microsoft Word with our new course, Mastering Word 365 – Beginner (2022).

This course aims to help individuals navigate the Word interface as well as documents. Teacher, Christina Tankersley, will explain how to get help within a document, as well as format a document’s text. Upon completion of this course, individuals should be able to use bullets and number lists, insert pictures and shapes, and insert a table with confidence. Ensure that everyone within your organization is getting the most out of their software. Get Bigger Brains today!

Watch the course sample below!

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