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Excel – Power Query: New Course Announcement

Have you heard that 12% of people have seen an Excel mistake cost upwards of 11 thousand dollars? That amount translates to about 10,000 pounds in damages. If that was your company, could you realistically pay that much for a simple Excel mistake? If not, you may want to expand that Learning and Development budget and tune into this new course announcement!

Bigger Brains is happy to welcome our new course, Excel – Power Query, to our course library! Working with Power Query is the easiest time for simple mistakes to happen. With individuals importing large quantities of data, it can be extremely difficult to guarantee complete accuracy when employees haven’t received proper training in the tools. Bigger Brains can change that.

This course will describe the importance of Power Query as well as explain how to create a web query. Additionally, this course will inform the user on how to connect data in Excel, databases, and other sources. Upon course completion, an individual should be able to clean, transform, sort, filter, and unpivot data. With your workforce educated on how to manage multiple queries, you won’t have to worry about expensive mistakes being made. Don’t wait till it’s time to correct a mistake. Get Bigger Brains today!

Watch the course sample below!

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