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2 months ago
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Managing Conflict: Managing Self : New Course Announcement

In the landscape of professional and personal relationships, conflict is an inevitable element, yet it’s the management of conflict that determines the outcome’s impact on growth and development. Bigger Brains introduces Managing Conflict: Managing Self, a course designed to enlighten individuals on conflict dynamics, revealing its potential to foster innovation and the risks it poses when mismanaged. This course embarks on a journey to identify conflict triggers and delves into the critical role of self-management in the broader context of conflict resolution. Participants will explore the intricate ways in which language, culture, and family backgrounds shape our perceptions of conflict, providing a foundation to understand and redefine their own ‘set point’ towards these encounters.

As the course progresses, learners will navigate the complexities of appreciating diverse viewpoints and the challenges of understanding others’ perspectives. It presents the five conflict modes, offering insights into recognizing and choosing the most appropriate conflict approach in various situations. This curriculum is not just theoretical; it equips learners with practical tools for managing emotional responses, teaching them how to use their breath and body to stay calm and composed in the face of fear and anger.

Managing Conflict: Managing Self is a fantastic course for those seeking to transform conflict from a source of stress to a stepping stone for growth. By equipping individuals with the knowledge to navigate the turbulent waters of conflict with grace and understanding, this course aims to foster environments where creativity and collaboration flourish. Dive into this course to master the art of conflict management, turning every challenge into an opportunity for personal and professional development.

Watch the course sample below!

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