Mastering PowerPoint 2021 – Beginner: New Course Announcement

Being able to present a topic engagingly can be challenging. Gathering the data for a presentation takes time, and ensuring the content is consistent and entertaining is an entirely different task. Thankfully, PowerPoint is equipped with all the tools to boost your presentation engagement quickly! The new Bigger Brains course, Mastering PowerPoint 2021 – Beginner, can help you better manage the software!

a person giving a presentation possibly with PowerPoint 2021

In this course, Kat Snizaski and Latifah Fox will explain how you can view and navigate through a presentation. Additionally, you will learn how to modify pictures and shapes in ways that can draw attention back to your Microsoft Powerpoint presentation! At the end of this course, you should be able to create an engaging presentation from start to finish confidently. Don’t settle for lackluster presentations. Take advantage of this new Bigger Brains course today!

Watch the course sample below!

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