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Mastering PowerPoint 365 – Beginner (2022): New Course Announcement

Microsoft PowerPoint is a standard tool that anyone can use for a variety of tasks. Being fluent and familiar with this software is a crucial skill for any business professional. Regardless of why you use PowerPoint, knowing what features are available and how to use them is hugely beneficial. The new Bigger Brains eLearning course, Mastering PowerPoint 365 – Beginner (2022), is designed to help you create exciting presentations using the features inside PowerPoint 365.

a person giving a presentation possibly using PowerPoint 365

In this course, you will receive a rundown of all the basic features of Microsoft PowerPoint to ensure that you can effectively create your presentations. Microsoft PowerPoint expert Kat Snizaski will cover how to insert a table, modify images and shapes, and add slides and text. At the end of this course, you should be able to create and share presentations equipped to keep people engaged! Don’t settle for lackluster presentations. Take advantage of this new Bigger Brains course today!

Watch the course sample below!

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