Industry News: BBC Appoints First Director of Diversity and Inclusion

The movie, TV, and media world has long been held under the microscope when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the way they present themselves. From casting to senior executives, award representation, and the way they handle sensitive topics and storylines, inclusion has become a big part of the modern media circus – going to some way to explaining the recent appointment of a Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the BBC.


Announced earlier this month in September 2022, this appointment at the UK’s biggest news and media outlet represents a move across the board to embrace the importance of diversity and inclusion both on screen and behind the scenes. And for many businesses in different sectors, it sparks a decision to home in on their own response to inclusion in every corner of their company.

Recognising the need for diversity and inclusion

It’s easy to say that diversity and inclusion should not require a dedicated job title or specific training – and that it should come naturally in the 21st century. However, the reality is that never before has diversity and inclusion training been so necessary.


Unconscious bias has become somewhat of a buzzword in modern industry and the world of business and is often misunderstood by those who believe that they are being inclusive. The right training not only isolates and separates common behaviours and trends which occur in the workplace but helps employees and colleagues to understand the existence of discrimination and make small changes to combat it.


By appointing a Director of Diversity and Inclusion, the BBC is leading the way in acknowledging the need for specialised focus on what it means to really be inclusive in this day and age – with the new Director’s role combining collaboration with different stakeholders, with developing ideas and initiatives to update program formats new and old.

Lead the way in your industry or business

With a need for more information and practical, action-based initiatives that businesses across all sectors can make, our diversity and inclusion training focuses on educating managers and ground workers about what it is to be inclusive and how they can support minority groups in the workplace.


Using our teacher-learner style of training, this course is separated into bitesize lessons which can be completed with ease and in a very short space of time – making this a great way to introduce and gradually integrate changes into your business on a drip feed system.


In 2022, diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be an issue – but until we recognise the need for new attitudes and greater understanding, it will continue to be a long term goal for businesses big and small. This training brings the ideology to the forefront of your business strategy and highlights the benefits of diversity both in your existing team structure and when it comes to hiring and onboarding new team members. 


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