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Mastering Word 365 – Intermediate (2023) – New Course Announcement

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Microsoft Word is more than a text editor; it’s a powerful tool that, when mastered, can transform the way we communicate, collaborate, and present our ideas. Bigger Brains has developed a compelling course, Mastering Word 365 – Intermediate (2023), designed to move you beyond the basics and into the realm of a true Word power user!

This immersive course delivers an in-depth understanding of Word’s extensive capabilities. You’ll learn how to manipulate multiple windows and discover advanced features like Find and Replace, Paste Special, and the customizability of AutoCorrect. Dive into the creative aspects of Word, adding text effects, borders, shading, Word Art, SmartArt, and even 3D models to your documents. You’ll be introduced to the subtleties of formatting; modifying multi-level lists, changing margins, customizing line breaks and paragraph options, and adding page numbers, headers, and footers specific to your pages.

But that’s not all. We take a step further, exploring how to turn text into organized lists, insert and modify footnotes and endnotes, and apply calculations to tables while also formatting, splitting, and merging table cells. Collaboration is key in the modern workplace, so we’ll walk you through tracking changes and adding comments to your documents. Finally, round off your Word skills with the creation of tables of tables, tables of figures, and tables of contents, ensuring your documents are professional and easy to navigate. After finishing the Mastering Word 365 – Intermediate (2023) course, you’ll handle Word with confidence, optimizing your document creation process, enhancing collaboration, and making your documents stand out.

Watch the course sample below!

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