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12 months ago
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Brain Bites – Modern Workplace Communication – New Course Announcement

Brain Bites Modern Workplace Communication

The modern workplace is a hub of diverse communication methods, each with unique quirks and perks. But how do we navigate this intricate labyrinth? How do we harness the best of these tools without falling prey to the negatives? Bigger Brains presents Brain Bites – Modern Workplace Communication, a comprehensive course designed to unmask the complex nuances of contemporary communication!

This course is tailored to provide a robust understanding of the various workplace communication methods, taking you through their pros, cons, and the factors that affect their use. As the digital world thrives on the axes of synchrony and asynchrony, the course empowers you to distinguish between the two, unlocking your potential to optimize communication for productivity. Subtle elements often define our interactions, and in acknowledging this, the course elucidates the vital role of voice and tone in communication. But that’s not all. We have all grappled with the peculiar bias against written communication and its perceived negativity. In Brain Bites – Modern Workplace Communication, we face this head-on, dissecting this bias and preparing you to circumvent its pitfalls.

However, effective communication is more than just the correct method and tone; it’s also about timing, etiquette, and prioritization. The course dives into the email minefield, guiding you on etiquette, the art of timing your replies, and effectively prioritizing your communication. By scheduling, you’ll learn to create spaces where dialogue flourishes without misunderstandings. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped to choose the most efficient communication methods for your team, ushering in an era of improved productivity and decreased miscommunication. With Brain Bites – Modern Workplace Communication, the future of effective interaction is in your hands!

Watch the course sample below!

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