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8 months ago
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Mastering PowerPoint 365 – Advanced (2023) – New Course Announcement

In the world of business, powerful presentations can be pivotal. With Microsoft PowerPoint, the potential to create impactful slides is virtually limitless, especially if you know how to wield its advanced features. This is why Bigger Brains is thrilled to introduce our latest course, Mastering PowerPoint 365 – Advanced (2023), meticulously designed to help you unlock and master the platform’s sophisticated functions.

Mastering PowerPoint 365 - Advanced (2023) Course Image

With this course, you’ll venture beyond the basics of PowerPoint 365, learning to customize the ribbon with tabs and groups that cater to your specific needs. You’ll dive deep into the program’s advanced editing and translation tools, creating and modifying eye-catching WordArt and bringing images and shapes to life with 3D effects. More than just visuals, you’ll master embedding Excel workbooks and updating links, creating complex tables and charts, and adding a touch of dynamism with animations, including custom motion path animation and 3D models.

But we don’t stop there. We know an excellent presentation is more than just slides and images; it’s about a compelling story. To help you tell yours, we guide you through inserting and managing video files from your computer or Youtube, adding recorded narration and bookmarks, and mastering the Slide Master to format slide titles and modify bullets. By the end of this course, you will be able to save your theme formatting for future use and manage slide transitions and timings like a pro. Elevate your presentations, inspire your audience, and make your message unforgettable with Mastering PowerPoint 365 – Advanced (2023). The next level awaits!

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