4 Advantages of Online Courses over Traditional Classroom

Wondering whether to return to the traditional classroom? You are not alone! 

When Covid-19 first hit and the world was thrown into chaos, the lockdowns instigated around the world meant that for the first time ever, working from home was no longer a luxury but a necessity.

With new apps and communication networks appearing virtually every day, suddenly the spotlight fell on online solutions – with training being just one area of focus, alongside events, meetings, and regular interactions.

But with Covid-19 ceasing its attack, and as many businesses shift their workers back into an office environment, this particular article considers the difference between online courses and traditional classroom learning – and asks if one is really better than the other.

What does a traditional classroom learning look like?

Whether organized in the workplace as part of an individual or team’s learning program or organized externally with individuals from different companies, classroom learning refers to an in-person style of learning.

Combining interactive learning techniques with the inevitable engagement that comes from a group of working professionals learning together in one room, classroom learning has an important place in the training landscape and is ideal for necessary courses that relate to specific workplaces.

However, traditional classroom learning has its drawbacks – not just for professionals themselves but for those who endeavor to organize such courses. And that’s where online learning comes in.  

The 4 advantages of online courses

Here at Bigger Brains, eLearning is big business. In fact, it’s our only business – and because of that, it’s something we have honed into a fine craft. Here are four of the main advantages cited by our clients and in-house team alike.

1. It’s convenient

One of the best things about online learning is that it can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. Our SCORM courses are all compatible with most standard  Learning Management Systems (LMS), which means they can be instantly embedded into your existing system for ease of access both remotely and in the office.

2. It offers professionals greater flexibility

Being able to access learning resources from anywhere means that working professionals and employees can engage with the training at a time that suits them. Not only is this beneficial but it allows them to be flexible and invest in their professional development at a time that suits them – alleviating the role of the planner in trying to pin down a suitable time for every required attendee.

3. It presents a wider range of upskilling opportunities

When you invite team members to attend a training day in the office, the learning potential is restricted to that single training topic of the day. When you offer them access to Bigger Brains eLearning system, the learning and upskill potential is huge – with a broad selection of courses covering everything from Microsoft eLearning software to negotiation, people management, and more hands-on office skills.

4. It’s interactive

Contrary to popular belief, eLearning is not restricted to plain audio and video content. Utilizing an innovative teacher/student style of learning, Bigger Brains courses inspire engagement and are designed to ask and answer the most common questions posed by learners.

In addition to being highly interactive, online courses tend to be shorter and more concise, packing all the relevant information into a short period of time – with professionals able to return to and revisit the content as and when needed. This, combined with the engaging style and ease of accessibility makes online learning a modern and highly effective solution for the modern worker – whether they regularly work from home or not.

What could you learn with Bigger Brains?

With an ever-growing collection of courses that handle the complexities of office life and all manner of upskill opportunities for professionals in different roles and sectors, a Bigger Brains subscription is high in both value and convenience.

Browse our full collection of courses on our website, or get in touch to discuss packages and prices with a member of the team. 

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