Which 3 BiggerBrains courses are in high demand in the US?

We thought of closing the year off with a short list of the high-demand online courses available to you at BiggerBrains. 

The new year is nearly upon us, which means it’s resolution season. And with professional development consistently recognized as one of the most popular goals that people carry into the new year, we thought it was time we highlighted some of the most in-demand and popular courses available here at BiggerBrains.

Whether you want to upskill, change your role, try for a new job, or simply learn some more skills for people and/or time management in the workplace, Bigger Brains offers a plethora of online courses which can be accessed and completed at your leisure. Here are some of the most in-demand as we head toward 2023.


Brain Bites Time Management

Before we deep dive into the high demand courses, it’s worth understanding exactly what a Brain Bites course is here at BiggerBrains. Designed to optimize learning and engagement, each lesson within a Brain Bites course is no more than five minutes long and uses a combination of traditional video and animation-style education to really bring the topic and information to life.

This particular course focuses on time management and covers the debilitating presence of a procrastinating mind and how to finetune your productivity to maximum success. This course is one of our most popular thanks to the variety of touchpoints covered, not just in relation to managing time better but in terms of understanding the role that different distractions play in the workday.


Improving Diversity and Inclusion

Covering a very on-trend topic for many businesses and companies, this Bigger Brains course treats the concept of inclusion as far more than simply a box-ticking exercise – explaining why it matters, how to measure it, and how to recognize unconscious bias within your own decision making and that of people around you.

One of our most engaging courses throughout 2022 and moving into 2023, Improving Diversity and Inclusion is working to make US businesses more diverse from the inside, and out.


Brain Bites Empathy

A course that deals with an emotion that is both highly sought after but wildly misunderstood in the workplace, this Brain Bites course on Empathy is another quickfire example of how interpreting human responses can boost productivity at work.

With lessons that include active listening, how to recognize different emotional responses in virtual communication as well as in-person, and how to dissect the correct response when someone is struggling in the workplace, this course takes a step away from the ‘business as usual mindset’ and considers the power of deeper human connection.


Excel: Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

One of the most practical courses available at Bigger Brains, this course, and the plethora of other courses we offer for Microsoft Excel users, is designed to make your use of the app more productive and more efficient. Cited as an app that many new workers and those moving up the ranks of business struggle with the most often, Microsoft Excel and our training courses for it can all be accessed by new and veteran users of the platform and combine demonstrations with video content and plenty of relevant questions and answers to help you use the platform to greater success.


Workplace Harassment

Integral for not only dealing with but also recognizing the signs of workplace harassment, this course is another which handles the human side of work – and acknowledges the fact that we spend so much time with our colleagues that the way we communicate with them is key to our success and satisfaction.

A relatively short course when compared with others available through the Bigger Brains platform, this is one of our most talked about courses among those who have subscribed and those who are planning on signing up, as it deals with sexual harassment specifically in a way that taps into the modern need for sensitive but clear-cut responses. Whether workplace harassment is an issue within your organization or not, this course has been designed to never go out of fashion.


Try Bigger Brains for yourself

All of these courses and many, many more are available with a Bigger Brains subscription – and there has never been a better time to sign up and try it for yourself. 2022 prices remain active for a few more days, meaning you have a small window in which to bag yourself a deal before the prices rise for the 2023 market.

And you don’t just have to listen to us! Head to our testimonials page to hear from existing clients about how Bigger Brains has benefitted their team and organization, or reach out to us directly for a tailored quote. 

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