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1 year ago
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New Year’s Resolution for Business Professionals: Take an Online Course

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As a business professional, there are some new year’s resolutions that are obvious and some that are less so. One of the most obvious is to grow your business or advance in your career, while personal goals like building better colleague and client relationships in the workplace can change according to the individual.

With that in mind, what if we told you that it was possible to harness all of those business-minded and more personal goals in one sweep, with a series of versatile and flexible online courses available to both you and your team?

Online courses as a New Year’s resolution

If you own or manage a workplace, you won’t be surprised to hear that more workers than ever before view training and development as a core part of a productive workplace. When workers feel that they are being supported with their development, they demonstrate a more motivated and productive outlook on their work.

And what better time to explore this and introduce online courses and workplace learning, than the New Year – when resolutions and promises of change and personal development are at an all-time high?

Now is the time to benefit from the motivation of workers and transform your subscription into a high-value investment for your team.

The benefits of online courses for business professionals

With so many courses available to you and your team, ranging from workplace relationship building to enhancing your technical skills across a range of tools and online systems, it seems as though online courses tick a great many boxes when it comes to career advancement and professional development.

But learning new skills isn’t the only benefit open to you and your team members or employees.

Online courses offer a convenience that could once only be dreamed about. By placing the power of training into the hands of individual workers, not only can they access a plethora of courses at their leisure and work through them at their own pace, but they can also access skills that will help them to become more productive and cohesive within and outside of their current role. 

Our online courses are presented in an innovative Teacher/Learner style, which manages to be informative, interactive, and concise all at once. Heralded by existing users as interesting and engaging, we believe that our course format is the best way of combining a personal interest in the topic with a need to learn. This is why so many employers are choosing Bigger Brains for their teams. 

Why do most companies encourage employees to take up online courses?

Career advancement leads to greater retention, as does investment and interest in arming employees with new skills and learning opportunities. When you present all this and more to your team, they will become more productive, more effective at work, and more loyal to you as an employer.  

The fact is, when you offer your team a chance to upskill themselves and learn more about both the systems they use and the industry they work in, you demonstrate an interest in their professional development that matches the modern desire for training and learning opportunities. More workers and candidates than ever before seeking training investment as a core benefit for any new role – with a Bigger Brains subscription providing this to every member of your team no matter their status.

Find out more about our online courses and show your employees that you are investing in them and their New Year resolutions, by visiting our website or accessing a Bigger Brains trial subscription. 

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