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2 years ago
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Meet the Teachers at BiggerBrains | Part 1

biggerbrains teachers


At Bigger Brains, our courses would not be nearly as effective if it weren’t for our shining collection of Teachers who partner with us! While they certainly let their skills shine on the Bigger Brains screen, these talented teachers have enough to keep them busy outside the studio.




staff kathy


Kathy Jones


Kathy Jones has had experience with corporate training and consulting for over twenty years. During this experience, Kathy has worked on developing custom courses, delivering instructor-led classes, and specializing in individual or group training. With experience teaching audiences across different media, Kathy Jones is an outstanding teacher who can utilize different teaching strategies to actively engage her students.




teach beth ruffin


Beth Ruffin


Beth Ruffin has been the owner and CEO of The Everyday Inclusionist for the past three years. In this role, Beth encourages companies to prioritize diversity and inclusion in their foundations. Beth Ruffin is also an Adjunct Professor at Benedict College in the School of Business and Entrepreneurship!




teach CTankersley


Christina Tankersley


Christina Tankersley has been a Primary Instructor and Speaker for over fifteen years! As an established name in the industry, Christina usually speaks on improving education and communication skills within the workplace. When she is not speaking, she is pursuing her career in software development and helping others expand their thinking.




teach rebecca heiss


Dr. Rebecca Heiss


Dr. Rebecca Heiss is an evolutionary biologist who is also the CEO and Founder of three businesses; Year of Happy, The Leap, & icueity, LLC. Additionally, Dr. Rebecca Heiss is the author of INSTINCT, a book that helps you analyze where your fear is coming from and how to approach it. Outside of these passions, Dr. Rebecca Heiss is also a keynote speaker who has spoken on TEDx.




Piyanka Jain


Piyanka Jain


Piyanka Jain is a keynote speaker who has worked with some well-established names in her lifetime. Being the head of business analytics for PayPal, writing for Forbes, & HBR, and being a Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics for Adobe Systems are all part of her work experience. Additionally, Piyanka is the author of Behind Every Good Decision. Currently, Piyanka Jain is the President and CEO of Aryng.




teach donna grindle 2


Donna Grindle


Donna Grindle is the Founder and CEO of Kardon, a business focused on educating others on ensuring security and privacy in their organizations. Additionally, Donna is a Co-Host and Co-Founder of the podcast, Help Me With HIPAA. Donna Grindle also has experience as a keynote speaker, teacher, and consultant.





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