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9 months ago
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AI Business Essentials Part 1: ChatGPT : New Course Announcement

Applying artificial intelligence (AI) in business is a game changer in this digital age. This is why Bigger Brains is introducing our newly developed course, AI Business Essentials Part 1: ChatGPT, designed to bring you on board the AI revolution. From novice to AI-savvy, this course is your go-to resource to understand, interact and leverage one of the most sophisticated AI tools – ChatGPT.

AI Business Essentials Part 1 ChatGPT

After defining key terms, our course propels you on a journey that uncovers the intricate line between AI and artificial general intelligence (AGI). You will be led through the fascinating evolution of AI and language learning models (LLMs), helping you appreciate the progression that led to the creation of platforms like ChatGPT. The course then moves into a practical phase, guiding you through setting up a new ChatGPT account, navigating its interface, and managing chats. We focus on the essential topics of privacy and IP risks associated with AI, ensuring you’re well-informed and prepared.

This course stands out because it emphasizes practical applications in a real-world business context. Learn to harness ChatGPT’s prowess by drafting compelling prompts, adapting responses to specific audiences, and managing potential weaknesses like hallucinations and out-of-date information. Exploring beyond ChatGPT, we also delve into working with other LLMs like Bing Chat, Bard, and Claude, expanding your AI toolbox. Moreover, we equip you with resources for continued learning and improvement. Welcome to a new era of business, where AI is no longer a concept but a tool you can master and utilize!

Watch the course sample below!

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