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Over 180 Bigger Brains Courses Available in New Microsoft Teams App

Bigger Brains eLearning for Microsoft Teams App is Available

Access the Uniquely Engaging™ Courses directly within Microsoft Teams

ANDERSON, SC (December 7, 2020) – Bigger Brains is excited to introduce a Microsoft Teams app.  Now the Uniquely Engaging™ library of over 180 award-winning online courses is accessible directly from the Teams environment, just like Planner, One Note, and other productivity applications. Traditionally the courses have been accessed through a company Learning Management System (LMS), or through a web portal. Now the entire training library is easier than ever to find, utilize, and manage for users of Microsoft Teams.  

Millions of people – including myself – spend all day in Microsoft Teams.  It’s where we communicate, where we access files, where we meet and set up meetings – and now, it’s where we learn,” Chip Reaves, CEO of Bigger Brains explained. “The ability to click over to a learning tab to access a course, without leaving Teams, makes learning much more convenient.  I’m excited that we are making it available to everyone who uses Microsoft Teams.” 

The Bigger Brains eLearning app essentially turns Microsoft Teams into a mini-LMS, with an entire suite of on-demand courses that can be made available to every user or assigned to specific teams or channels. By incorporating Teams’ own features, users can discuss and collaborate around course topics and use the unique management reporting tab to keep track of which courses each user has completed. 

For companies and individuals already licensed to use the Bigger Brains Library through their company LMS, IT service provider (MSP), or from a direct subscription, their courses are also available through the Bigger Brains eLearning Teams app at no additional charge.  Just load the app through the Microsoft Teams app store and follow the instructions to choose the appropriate license.  New users can access a limited number of free sample courses, but to fully use the app an active subscription to Bigger Brains is needed and is available through many top IT and eLearning providers.  Individual and small business licenses can also be purchased at www.GetBiggerBrains.com


Combining television-style video production with experienced teachers and entertainers, plus modern graphics and animation, Bigger Brains courses are popular with both learners and training professionals around the world. Working with top teachers and subject matter experts, with real-world experience in their topic areas, Bigger Brains courses create the most realistic and comprehensive e-training possible. Learning categories include Microsoft, Productivity, Communication, and Sales and Marketing. The expansive course library is available via a mobile-friendly online classroom, any SCORM or xAPI compliant LMS, or the Bigger Brains eLearning app for Microsoft Teams.

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