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10 months ago
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Brain Bites – Working Across Cultures: New Course Announcement

Course Image for Brain Bites: Working Across Cultures

In the age of globalization, workplaces have become melting pots of diverse cultures, each with its rhythms, values, and nuances. This diversity can be a source of strength, but without understanding, it can also become a breeding ground for misunderstandings and conflicts. Bigger Brains’ new course, Brain Bites – Working Across Cultures, helps you navigate international waters confidently and competently.

In this course, participants dive deep into understanding the cognitive, behavioral, and emotional barriers that can stifle clear communication across cultural divides. The course unravels the mysteries behind how different cultures perceive and manage time, including the challenges of working across multiple time zones. Participants will master the art of accommodating these time zone differences, using tools like calendars and notifications to be mindful of coworkers’ holidays and celebrations.

With a strong emphasis on team cohesion, you’ll explore practical ways to promote team bonding, celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures, and minimize burnout. And for when the inevitable cultural conflicts arise? You’ll be equipped with a comprehensive six-step strategy to address and resolve conflicts, ensuring every team member feels valued, understood, and engaged. By the end of Brain Bites – Working Across Cultures, you’ll not only recognize the benefits of understanding your coworkers’ cultural norms but will also be proficient in crafting an inclusive and harmonious workspace. With these tools from Bigger Brains, the world will seem a little smaller, and your team will be a little closer!

Watch the course sample below!

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