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4 years ago
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Learning & Reinforcement with BrainBot

 You’re invited to our June 30th, 11 am webinar!

Imagine you take a great course where you learn lots of new skills and ideas. Two days later the instructor stops by your desk and asks a question or two about what you learned. Later that week the instructor brings you a handout and YouTube link that expands on what you learned in class. A few days later the instructor asks you how you’ve been able to use your new knowledge in your work. Every few days, over the next couple of months, more interactions bring new questions, new resources, and new opportunities to think about and provide feedback about the class or the topic.  

Would you be more likely to remember what you learned?  And to actually use it in real life?  Of course, you would – this is the science of spaced learning, where we meaningfully think about new knowledge on a periodic basis, teaching our brains that this material is important and should be retained.  

This is the mission behind BrainBot, the training reinforcement chatbot. BrainBot interacts with your learners directly in their normal workflows – in Microsoft TeamsSlackFacebook, or Email – asking questions, collecting feedback, and sending additional information about any class, workshop, or online course. 

BrainBot is super-simple to use for both teachers and learners, and with expanded capabilities in new version 1.4, BrainBot is more powerful than ever. Join us for a free webinar on June 30 for a look at how BrainBot works and how schools and businesses can use it to make training more interesting and more effective.  

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