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4 years ago
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Now Offering a Fully Integrated Excel Training and TOSA® Certification Solution

Bigger Brains Partners with Isograd, Inc.  

Now offering a fully integrated Excel training and TOSA® certification solution. 

ANDERSON, SC (December 16th, 2020) – Bigger Brains is pleased to announce a partnership with Isograd, Inc., the leading provider of proficiency-based digital skill assessments and certifications. Bigger Brains values learning ROI, and by all measurements, Isograd’s TOSA® sets the standard. This partnership combines Bigger Brains’ robust Microsoft Excel training and learning resources with TOSA® skill assessments and certification, creating a two-step “Get Ready” and “Ready!” punch for employees and individuals wanting to upskill and become Microsoft Excel certified. 

“We’re very excited to be partnering with Isograd to align our award-winning Microsoft training to the renowned TOSA® assessments,” states Chip Reaves, CEO of Bigger Brains, “One of the most common issues our clients deal with is not knowing which training levels are right for their team, and people always underestimate or overestimate their existing skill levels, causing them to jump into a course that is too easy or too hard.  With the TOSA® assessments, we are able to provide precisely the right Excel training, so people get exactly what they need to take their skills to the next level.” 

Bigger Brains and the TOSA® pre-assessment work in tandem. How one scores on the pre-assessment will determine the Bigger Brains course(s) that is best for the desired certification level. Unlike other Pass/Fail assessment tools, TOSA® assessments and certifications are adaptive and utilize IRT (item response theory) scoring, which more accurately quantifies what an individual knows and creates better ROI.

Mathieu Lillo, CEO of Isograd explains, “Utilizing the TOSA® pre-assessment optimizes training efforts through proper course selection, closing individual employee skill gaps and decreasing employer program costs by training only the employees who need it. Once training is completed, a post-assessment measures knowledge gain and helps to evaluate ROI more accurately. Many employers use skill certification to motivate and reward employees, keeping them engaged throughout the learning process while maintaining and improving their long-term employability.” 

TOSA® aligned courses for Microsoft Excel 2019 are now available and enable employers to: 

  • Foster employee professional development, promoting employee engagement and positive morale. 
  • Effectively assess employee proficiency in Microsoft Excel 2019, ensuring employees take the right courses to fill knowledge gaps. 
  • Implement individualized, cloud-based training solutions that employees can access anytime from anywhere. 
  • Provide employees with an internationally recognized certification validating their exact competency level. 


Combining television-style video production with experienced teachers and entertainers, plus modern graphics and animation, Bigger Brains courses are popular with both learners and training professionals around the world. Working with top teachers and subject matter experts, with real-world experience in their topic areas, Bigger Brains courses create the most realistic and comprehensive e-training possible. Learning categories include Microsoft, Productivity, Communication, and Sales and Marketing. The expansive course library is available via a mobile-friendly online classroom, any SCORM or xAPI compliant LMS, or the Bigger Brains eLearning app for Microsoft Teams.


ISOGRAD is the developer of TOSA® (Test on Software Applications), the digital skills assessment and certification standard that measures proficiency levels from beginner to expert with a numerical score. Covering desktop applications (Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, VBA for Excel), digital skills (Adobe Creative Cloud® and digital literacy), coding languages (Java, PHP, and C#), typing, and language skills (French, English, etc.) TOSA’s unique and innovative technology is available in multiple languages and used by more than 7,000 organizations in over 58 countries. Visit for more information. 

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