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4 months ago
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Hybrid Meetings : New Course Announcement

In today’s evolving workplace, the ability to run effective hybrid meetings – a blend of in-person and virtual participation – is becoming an essential skill. Recognizing this shift, Bigger Brains introduces Hybrid Meetings, a course designed to navigate the complexities and unlock the potential of hybrid collaboration. This course offers insights into the three types of hybrid meetings, highlighting their unique benefits and guiding you through creating an environment conducive to productive and inclusive discussions. You’ll learn to tackle location constraints and anticipate the technical glitches that often disrupt the flow of hybrid meetings, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication channel for all participants.

Beyond the technical setup, Hybrid Meetings delves into the pivotal role of the technical host, equipping you with strategies for optimal lighting, microphone, and speaker placement to enhance audio-visual quality. It guides you through setting clear expectations for attendees, utilizing whiteboards creatively for engaging discussions and managing small groups and breakout rooms effectively. The course also shares innovative ways to engage attendees, fostering an environment where every voice is heard, regardless of how participants attend.

By enrolling in Hybrid Meetings, you’re not just learning to manage a meeting but mastering the art of fostering collaboration and productivity in a hybrid setting. This course empowers you with the skills to create activities that support simultaneous in-person and virtual participation, making every meeting an inclusive, dynamic, and valuable experience. Embrace the future of meetings with confidence and creativity, and elevate your team’s collaboration to new heights, feeling secure and confident in your abilities.

Watch the course sample below!

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