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10 months ago
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Mastering Excel 365 – Expert (2023): New Course Announcement

Mastering Excel 365 – Expert 2023

Microsoft Excel is more than just cells and rows; it’s a powerhouse tool that, when fully harnessed, can transform vast amounts of data into actionable insights. At Bigger Brains, we’re excited to introduce the “Mastering Excel 365 – Expert (2023)” course to help you discover Excel’s unmatched potential. From sharing workbooks seamlessly with other users, restoring previous versions using Version History, to adding digital signature lines, this course aims to equip you with the skills to make your spreadsheets not just informative, but transformative.

Delving into the content, participants will learn how to efficiently pull and transform external data, and use Excel’s visually appealing data map charts and 3D maps to compare and analyze it. The art of creating and customizing charts like waterfall, treemap, and funnel charts will be second nature by the end of this course. Additionally, you’ll be adept at formatting and changing the data sources for PivotTables and crafting compelling PivotCharts. We’ll also cover the intricacies of managing internal and external links in your workbooks, using functions to locate data, calculate dates, and most importantly, streamline complex tasks with the new LAMBDA and LET features. By the time we explore the powerful Add-ins such as Solver, the Data Analysis ToolPack, and Visio, and the world of macros – recording, running, and editing them, you’ll be an undisputed Excel expert.

Your journey with Bigger Brains in “Mastering Excel 365 – Expert (2023)” promises proficiency and mastery. Whether you’re refining reports, analyzing vast datasets, or just eager to elevate your Excel game, this course is the roadmap to your spreadsheet success. Join us and transform those cells into symphonies of data-driven narratives.

Watch the course sample below!

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