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4 months ago
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Mastering Outlook 365 – Basics (2024): New Course Announcement

Mastering email communication and organization is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment. That’s why Bigger Brains is thrilled to introduce Mastering Outlook 365 – Basics (2024), an essential course for anyone looking to enhance their productivity and communication skills using Microsoft Outlook. This course isn’t just about learning a tool; it’s about transforming how you work daily.

Dive deep into the functionalities of Outlook 365 with our comprehensive guide. You’ll learn how to navigate and tailor the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) to your needs, ensuring that the tools you use most are always at your fingertips. The course goes beyond basic email management, teaching you how to customize views for better organization and efficiency. You’ll discover the nuances of adding and formatting message text, setting delivery options to ensure your emails hit the mark, and attaching files to your emails through various methods. We also cover the critical skills of handling incoming attachments safely and effectively.

But there’s more – this course will turn you into an Outlook wizard. You’ll learn to quickly sort, filter, and search for messages, transforming your inbox into a well-organized resource. Create, modify, and utilize folders to keep your emails organized. Appointments and meetings will no longer be a hassle as you add and adjust them easily, using the Scheduling Assistant to find the perfect meeting times. You’ll master creating and editing recurring meetings, a boon for anyone managing regular events or meetings. Additionally, the course covers managing contacts efficiently, including creating and utilizing new contact groups, ensuring that your network is always organized and accessible.

Mastering Outlook 365 – Basics (2024) is more than just a course; it’s a pathway to elevated efficiency and communication in the digital age. Enroll now and transform the way you interact with Outlook 365!

Watch the course sample below!

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