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1 year ago
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Mastering PowerPoint 2021- Intermediate: New Course Announcement

Are you tired of presenting the same old PowerPoint slides? With the proper PowerPoint training, you can unlock the power of your presentations and make them genuinely captivating! Thankfully the appropriate training is right here! Explore the new Bigger Brains course, Mastering PowerPoint 2021 Intermediate, to learn how to create visually exciting presentations that cause people to pay attention!

You will learn to apply and customize transitions and animations in this course. Additionally, this course will cover the importance of using comments in a document and how that can help the editing process. Throughout this course, Kathy Snizaski will teach you how to customize SmartArt, pictures, shapes, and text boxes. Upon completing this course, you should be able to use the editing tools and create a photo album confidently. If you want to present data and information in an organized manner, join Bigger Brains and access this course today! Join Bigger Brains as we power productivity one brain at a time! 

Watch the course sample below! 

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