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7 months ago
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Microsoft Power Automate – Basics (2024): New Course Announcement

In the ever-evolving world of office automation, staying ahead of the curve is critical. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce one of our latest courses, Microsoft Power Automate – Basics (2024), crafted meticulously by Bigger Brains. This course is not just another addition to your skillset; it’s a transformational journey designed to unleash the full potential of workflow automation in your daily tasks.

Dive into the world of Microsoft Power Automate with ease as we guide you through the intuitive navigation of the Power Automate app. You’ll discover the diverse array of flow types and learn to harness the power of templates to create your automated cloud flows. We’ll walk you through the process of editing, renaming, and managing your flows, ensuring you gain mastery over your automated tasks. Our material covers setting up scheduled cloud flows and creating instant flows on your computer and via the mobile app, providing flexibility and efficiency wherever you are.

As you progress, you’ll find yourself adept at confidently troubleshooting, finding, and correcting flow errors. The course also delves into the collaborative aspect of Power Automate, teaching you how to share your flows with colleagues, enhancing teamwork and productivity. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in the basics of Microsoft Power Automate and the skills to transform your work environment into a more efficient, automated, and collaborative space. Join us in embracing the future of work with Microsoft Power Automate – Basics (2024)!

Watch the course sample below!

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