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8 months ago
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Microsoft Sway Essentials (2023): New Course Announcement

Course image for Microsoft Sway Essentials (2023)

In today’s digital era, captivating presentations set you apart. Microsoft Sway stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering dynamic tools to design and share content. Recognizing this potential, Bigger Brains introduces our Microsoft Sway Essentials (2023) course for educators, business professionals, and digital storytellers. This course plunges you into Microsoft Sway’s core functionalities. You’ll start by understanding its overall purpose and the benefits it offers. Quickly, you’ll create your first Sway, embedding well-formatted text, striking graphics, and engaging videos.

As you delve deeper, you’ll master the art of modifying Sway’s design, adjusting its style, and personalizing it to reflect your brand. And by the course’s conclusion, you’ll confidently customize settings, view your creations, and share them with your audience. So, join Bigger Brains on this immersive journey. Harness the power of Microsoft Sway and elevate your presentations to unparalleled heights!

Watch the course sample below!

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