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1 year ago
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The top trends in online learning for business professionals in 2023

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What are the top trends in online learning for business professionals? If 2023 is the year for learning investment across your business, then you may already be aware of the rise in popularity across the online learning marketplace.

Not only are there more online training companies available than ever before, but there are more topics on offer and a greater array of learning styles than could previously be found on the market – and that’s before we look at or consider the other trends sweeping on the online learning industry.

Here are a few of the standout trends that we think will continue to increase throughout 2023.

Virtual reality in course delivery is one of the top trends.

The benefit of virtual reality across every sector and industry is its ability to engage and immerse the user or individual in whatever they are partaking in – be it training, gaming, or an alternative experience. In the case of online learning, a virtual reality style of learning puts the user in the shoes of the learner on screen – who directly benefits from and receives instruction from the teacher.

At Bigger Brains, that means we depict and use genuine interaction as part of each training course, with the learner asking authentic questions and the teacher offering direct answers. Combining this with the follow-along screen set-up means that anyone using our courses will be able to see what’s happening at the same time as learning about it – for example, in a course on mastering PowerPoint, you will be told to click a certain button and shown where it is via screen-sharing.

All of this contributes towards a virtual reality style of learning where the course is delivered directly to the user as if they were there.

Artificial intelligence in online learning

Artificial intelligence offers benefits that link directly with the experience of the end user, and the way they can interact with the learning module and online system.

Those who know about Bigger Brains will know that our courses integrate seamlessly with your existing LMS, but did you know that thanks to artificial intelligence we can also match delivery with preferred learning style and ensure that our courses are accessible with translated formats available and visual as well as audio supports in place.

Demand among business professionals in large companies will rise

Insight from the recruitment sector demonstrates a rise in training and learning opportunities as part of a successful recruitment and retention strategy. Employees and candidates want to see that a company is taking an interest in their development at work, with training opportunities allowing them to upskill in line with their role, while also channel time and energy into improving their skills for future roles and responsibilities.

In 2023, we anticipate that this will continue to drive business professionals’ engagement in online learning as part of their current role and future goals.

Demand among business professionals in large companies will rise

Another major trend set to continue to drive the online learning marketplace is the rise in small bite-size courses and lessons which are delivered in microlearning formats. Not only do these courses make learning more accessible for different people, but they are more engaging by packing information into a concise delivery method.

Here at Bigger Brains, all our courses are delivered in small, bite-size lessons which can completed at the user’s leisure – embodying all of the above trends within a concise and engaging format. This follows our vision of being able to offer training and learning opportunities which are interactive and insightful, but which also fit with modern user needs and within a busy worker’s schedule and routine. You can see a few snippets of our available courses on our Youtube channel.

Learning for the future

Flexibility and flexible working have put a spotlight on the need for companies to be adaptable in what they expect from their teams. Learning and training have been heading towards the online sphere for years now, however it is only in the past few years that the online learning industry has caught up with demand and started to offer more accessible and engaging options within well-priced packages.

Find out more about this, and the packages we offer at Bigger Brains, on our website or by getting in touch directly

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