Utilizing AI in eLearning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has made a significant impact on society over recent years. Many businesses are incorporating AI bots into their websites to create a more user-friendly experience. So, what is Artificial Intelligence, and how can it improve your business? 

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

AI is the science of human intelligence in computers designed to create a better user experience. These types of programs are used by lots of companies in many different ways. Some examples of AI are Siri and Alexa. 

In eLearning communities, Artificial Intelligence is being incorporated in lots of different ways. Some companies have a chatbot on their webpage that helps users maneuver the website, while others are combining AI into training programs! 

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How Does it Help? 

Artificial Intelligence can play a massive part in how companies provide training and how employees retain it. Since some AI can be personalized to each user, businesses are using it to change the style and training pace depending on employee preferences. This means that one employee’s training process might be a different pace or learning style than others.

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Similarly, AI has the capability to help employees retain information. Brain Bot is an example of an AI chatbot programmed to connect data from training courses and send reminders to employees. These reminders are customizable, with options of fill in the blank, multiple-choice, or more! To learn more about Brain Bot, click here

What are the Benefits? 

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A benefit of incorporating an AI chatbot into your business is that it increases your accessibility. If an employee has a complicated schedule, they may not access training materials during regular work hours. With the help of AI, employees will access their training material whenever and wherever is convenient for them! Keeping this in mind is an excellent way to improve employee satisfaction in the workplace. 

Overall, Artificial Intelligence is a fantastic feature to incorporate into your business. Whether used to increase your employee training experience or increase employee retention, AI is the future of eLearning. 

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