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2 years ago
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How Salesforce can grow your business

Salesforce is a cloud-based system which is used by business owners to streamline their marketing automation, customer relationship management, and other software through a single, central hub of activity. When you read a review, testimonial, or marketing campaign which links to Salesforce, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the extent of what the platform offers in terms of unified operational management – but before you get to that stage, we believe that it’s important to understand the benefits of Salesforce and how it can boost the growth of your company.
Keep reading for a quickfire look at the benefits, followed by information on our Salesforce training course.

Why is Salesforce such a force to be reckoned with?

Every business knows the importance of customer interaction and managing the relationship between company and customer – but how do you keep on top of every communication you send to customers, their engagement, and what works for them?
That’s where Salesforce comes in. It is, in short, a means of centralising the way that you are interacting with customers and clients and tracking the response rate from them as they progress from leads to fully boarded clients. It empowers you to stay relevant throughout the conversion process, never duplicating communication and instead letting you manage and plan separate accounts individually with content specifically curated for them.


Salesforce training

In addition, Salesforce boasts a range of tools to support your internal team communications and processes, is accessible on the go via the app as well as the desktop software. This is a core benefit for sales teams who are often out and about meeting clients, because they can still access all the information they need outside of the office. Salesforce also has a built-in time management tool for account tracking.
Feeling overwhelmed yet? You’re not alone – and that’s why we’re proud to offer our newest course on ‘Salesforce Essentials’.

Getting to grips with Salesforce

As is always the case with software upgrades and new business tools, your success rate as a business is largely dictated by your understanding of the software, how it works, and what it is designed to do.
This course, which is managed and led by certified Salesforce administrator and professional Mia Huffman, presents a beginners guide to Salesforce from the perspective of a user – starting at the very beginning with a lesson on logging in before proceeding into the different ways of using the tool.
There are 13 lessons in total contained within this single course, with the entire course taking just over an hour to complete. Best of all, as the lessons are engaging and bitesize in content, they can be accessed and used by everyone in your team – creating and nurturing a collaborative approach to working whereby everyone understands the tools being used by other colleagues and employees.
Upon completion of this course, not only will Salesforce have you managing your client and customer relations with ease – it will also enable you to facilitate and support sustainable growth within your existing market and beyond. 

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