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1 year ago
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Mastering Excel 365 – Intermediate (2022): New Course Announcement 

Are you looking to maximize your productivity and make data analysis a breeze? Look no further than Microsoft Excel 365 – the world’s most popular spreadsheet application! Excel 365 allows users to create visualizations such as charts and graphs to understand their data better while making it easy to automate repetitive tasks with the use of macros. Bigger Brains created the new course Mastering Excel 365 Intermediate (2022) to help those with a basic understanding of Excel gain the skills to thrive in today’s competitive job markets.

This course will cover using Flash Fill, Text to Columns, and Group Mode for working with data. Additionally, this course will cover how to modify workbook views and share workbooks. In this course, teacher Kathy Jones will cover how to analyze data with Goal Seek and Data Tables and use nested, logical, and statistical functions. Upon completing this course, you should be able to apply custom number formatting and confidently use editing features and research tools to refine your workbook. To challenge what you already know about Excel, take advantage of this new Bigger Brains course!

Watch the course sample below! 

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