How To: Using Image Add-Ins in PowerPoint

In June, we packed the blog full of PowerPoint tips to refresh your presentation skills. One question we received was “How do I add better pictures to my PowerPoint?” Let’s learn to use PowerPoint’s Image Add-Ins!

What are Add-Ins?

Add-Ins are mini-programs or apps by third parties that you can “Add-in” to your version of PowerPoint whether in the copy downloaded to your computer or in Office 365 online. Today, we’ll be looking at Add-Ins that can do a number of different things, but we’ll be focusing on Add-Ins that add free, high-quality images to your presentation.

How do I find these Add-Ins?

To find add-ins for images, go to your Insert tab, and notice where it says Add-Ins (beside the Forms button.)

Click on Get Add-Ins from the drop-down menu, and you get a new window where you can search or browse through some of the more popular or suggested Add-ins for you.  Or you can search for Add-ins related to images.  Some are paid images but several are free. When you click the add-in, a new pane where you can search for images opens. Once you’ve decided on an image, you simply select Insert to include it in your presentation.

Advantages of Add-Ins

  1. Although some Add-Ins offer additional purchases, many of these handy add-ins offer completely free (and high quality) images to use in your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. You’ll also save time because Add-ins are within PowerPoint. You don’t have to leave PowerPoint, go to a website, download the file, then manually search your computer and add it to the slide.  Add-ins are very convenient and easy to work with.

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