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3 years ago
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Who Invented the Internet?

In modern times, almost everyone has a portable computer in their back pocket. Whether you use it to stay in contact with others or use it for work, almost everyone uses the internet somehow. Even though everyone uses it, not everyone knows who invented the internet; Bigger Brains is here to change that!  

Who Invented the Internet? 

Contrary to popular belief, no one person created the internet. The internet we all know and use today was a product of multiple people’s ideas building off one another.

The idea of a distributed network came from an engineer, Paul Baran. This idea was shaped around the fear of a surprise nuclear attack. Paul had the idea to create a distributed network to keep communications active in the possibility of an attack destroying one point of communication.

christin hume Hcfwew744z4 unsplash

Even though a distributed network was Paul Baran’s idea, he was not responsible for putting it into practice. The two men responsible for creating the distributed network were Lawrence Roberts and Leonard Kleinrock.

The person responsible for creating the World Wide Web as we know it is Tim Berners Lee. Tim is responsible for creating the principles like HTML, URLs, and web browsers. People still use Tim’s principles today; the internet wouldn’t be anywhere near as developed if it wasn’t for Tim.

How Does Bigger Brains Fit In? 

Although Bigger Brains is not responsible for creating the internet, Bigger Brains’ founder, Chip Reaves, is accountable for making the most Uniquely Engaging eLearning Platform available through the internet!  

Bigger Brains began development in 2012. The result is a “Uniquely Engaging™” Teacher/Learner style, which uses video, conversation, practical examples, and Instinctive Elaboration to create outcome-oriented lessons which are effective and enjoyable. Overall, the internet and  the Bigger Brains team continue  to Power Productivity, One Brain at a Time! 

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