5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Desk Efficiency

As we enter the final months of the year, projects are coming to a close, and deadlines are sneaking up quickly. While it may be easy to submit to the chaos and let clutter build up on your desk, Bigger Brains has a different solution! Here are the five easy ways to increase your desk efficiency. 

Organize by Frequency  

One of the most efficient ways to increase your desk efficiency is to organize your desk by frequency. This means you should sort through the contents of your desk and determine what is used daily, weekly, and monthly. If you use something daily, it could be a good idea to find a permanent home in an easy-to-reach area. On the other hand, if you only use something weekly or monthly, it could probably find a home in a drawer or cabinet nearby.

Prioritize Having Space  

The absolute basics that any desk needs are a monitor, computer, keyboard, and mouse. Since these are a standard addition to any desk, it is crucial to ensure that your desk can easily fit them. If your monitors are too big to fit on your desk comfortably, chances are your desk will always be a cluttered mess. If this is a situation you have, it might be time to invest in a larger desk! 

Hide Cables  

On most desks, there are usually lots of cables and wires to plug things in. While they are needed for your workstation runs effectively, sometimes cables get in the way of desk space. So, increase your desk efficiency by organizing and hiding your cables. Directing cables to run under the desk or behind a monitor is an effective way to give you the most space while still ensuring everything runs properly. 

Utilize Wall Space

If it is available to you, utilize wall space around your desk! Lots of times people like to bring little things from home to personalize their work desk. While these little trinkets are fun and bring uniqueness to your office space, sometimes they can take up important desk space. To make sure that your desk is efficient and personalized, put your items on shelves! This way, you have room to make sure you’re completing work, but you are also comfortable with your environment.

Implement Good Habits  

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, things pile up, and desks get dirty. It’s only human to make a mess, but thankfully it’s easy to implement new habits in the workplace! Decide with yourself to keep a clean workspace and then hold yourself accountable to that decision. Every day before you leave work, make yourself clean your desk thoroughly and put things in their home. While it may be hard to hold yourself to this standard initially, it will be a new standard rather than a chore after a while.

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