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You purchased a Learning Management System (LMS) for your company, or perhaps an eLearning module came with your HR or Talent Management platform. Make sure it is filled with the productivity-generating SCORM content you had hoped for!

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These full courses are available IMMEDIATELY and FREE from Bigger Brains, in SCORM 1.2 format.
(Other formats available on request, including SCORM 2004 and xAPI).
We guarantee compatibility with any SCORM-compliant LMS.

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 to download the package to install on your learning management platform.


The following SAMPLE SCORM courses are also available.  These include installable samples from some of our most popular courses that you can test in your system (auto download on click):

Want more?

All Bigger Brains courses are available as free, fully functional SCORM content you can download and trial in your LMS.  Free trials are limited to 14 days and 25 users (the full course samples above have no limitations). To start a free trial contact us and ask for a free trial package. 

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