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6 years ago
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Workplace Harassment, Clear Boundaries in Training and the Workplace

There are a LOT of cheesy workplace harassment courses in the marketplace. It just seems natural – if you’re going to show inappropriate behavior, somewhere in the course you’re going to show an employee character massaging the shoulders of a clearly creeped out coworker.

When we decided that Bigger Brains was going to make our first workplace harassment course, we wanted to be different so our creative team had specific guidelines:

  • No “awkward shoulder rubs” or other clichés
  • Make it engaging and relevant, so people actually enjoy learning
  • Focus on creating a positive workplace culture, and the negative effects harassment has on overall morale and productivity

And they really came through!  Awkward at the Office: Reducing workplace harassment is now available in our portal as well as in SCORM and xAPI licensing formats.

In a series of short, fast-paced video modules we cover the important aspects of sexual and workplace harassment through a combination of story-based vignettes and dual-teacher segments.  You’ll follow along with Adeela, Jason, Michael, and Lisa as they discuss and experience different forms of workplace harassment and its effects on their work environment, and each story segment is tied to a corresponding teacher segment where the key points are emphasized and expanded.

Currently available in an Employee version (6 modules, 45-60 minutes) and a Supervisor version (10 modules, 75-120 minutes), Awkward at the Office is the first title in our new “Millennial Managers” series, featuring eLearning topics for new managers created by a team of (mostly) millennial writers, teachers, and artists.  Future courses in this series include “New Manager Starter Kit“, “Stronger Together: Delegation and Task Management”, and a course on Diversity & Inclusion in Your Workplace.

For more details on licensing Awkward at the Office or other Bigger Brains titles, contact us anytime.

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