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3 years ago
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Improving Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity is a crucial part of everyone’s life since it’s what the country was built on. Recently, there are more and more stories of people who don’t respect or appreciate differences, and because of this, they make drastic decisions. Diversity has been a hot topic in recent years. More people are trying to raise awareness of the beauty and benefits of improving and embracing differences. Because of this, Bigger Brains created a new course, “Improving Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace.” 

Why is Diversity Important? 

Having a diverse group of people in the workplace can lead to many opportunities. Employees of different backgrounds open the door for the education of others. Having diversity in the workplace helps break down barriers and stigmas that can hinder different minority groups. 

A young transgender woman looking at her face in the bathroom mirror at school

One way diversity can open the door to educate others is by having honest conversations with people. If someone makes a simple statement that offends another, it is essential to address the statement quickly. Publicly addressing why an idea is false/rude reduces the chance of similar comments happening in the future. 

Although strides have been made, the business recruiting world still looks to white males first. This thought process is because people are scared of change and cemented in their false beliefs. Because of this, we are trying to help raise awareness for these issues and help other companies grow their diversity and inclusion policies. 

What Now?

To learn more about how you can make a difference in your workplace, click here to research other courses on this topic. To read more blogs like this, click here

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