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3 years ago
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World Teachers Day

With October 5th being World Teachers Day, now is the perfect time to recognize the amazing people who give back to their communities through teaching! Being a teacher is a difficult job, and those who prioritize helping others deserve a day of recognition. Since the pandemic, teachers have had to find ways to improvise and adapt to new standards, mainly using personal funds. Whether they teach kindergarten, college classes, or training videos, each teacher had to give up their time and resources this past year because of the pandemic. 

What is World Teachers Day? 

World Teachers Day is a holiday first recognized by UNESCO, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. UNESCO established this holiday to honor and recognize the people who give their time and resources to further educate others. 

As times have changed and more elaborate schooling opportunities are available, it is essential to recognize every type of teacher. While a preschool teacher may not teach the same things as a college professor, both give up their free time to ensure they are providing the best education they can. 

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Bigger Brains Teacher/Learner Experience 

At Bigger Brains, we work with top teachers and subject matter experts with real-world experience to create the most realistic and comprehensive training courses possible. Our teachers provide unique learning experiences which showcase their skills and expertise while remaining exciting and enjoyable.

Because of the unique Teacher/Learner style, Bigger Brains courses give viewers the impression that they are learning in an actual classroom rather than watching a video. Having a learner sit and engage with the teacher, asking questions that the viewer may also be thinking, helps the viewer remain engaged and focused on the lesson. Additionally, hearing questions phrased in different ways helps the viewer remember the information for future reference.

This unique teaching method is what separates Bigger Brains from other eLearning companies in the industry. 

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