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3 years ago
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Top 5 Reasons Employees Quit

Lately, there has been a rise in unemployment since the pandemic. Employees are either unable to work or realize that they are not respected and are quitting. While this may seem scary for businesses, making sure your employees enjoy coming to work is very achievable. Whether you work in a fast-food restaurant or a Fortune 500 company, here are the top 5 reasons employees quit and how you can avoid it!  

Lack of Promotions  

A prominent reason that employees quit is because of a lack of promotions. Not every employee is a perfect fit for positions available within your company, but it is essential to consider them. When job positions become available within a company, and the bosses hire from outside sources, they can dishearten current employees. 

When people feel like their bosses only see them as employees, they start to see themselves as underappreciated. This can result in a lack of pride in their work, leading to serious issues within a business.  

A man sitting looking at his laptop - employees quit

Unhealthy Work-Life Balance  

Another factor behind unhappy employees is a lack of respect for a life off the clock. Sometimes emergencies happen, and there is a serious question that needs to be answered by someone who has already gone home for the day. While this might be tolerable sometimes, it is not something that should be done often.  

When companies demand employees be on-call all the time, employees quickly realize that they are not seen as anything more than a “cog in the machine.” This is a quick way to make any employee start looking for another job that will respect their life outside of work.  

A woman sitting on the couch as her daughter jumps on it next to her - employees quit

Being Overworked  

While some companies may have employees who work on more tasks than others, remember that every employee has a breaking point. Even if an employee can hold a heavier workload, it doesn’t mean that they should carry it all the time. It is crucial to keep workloads consistent, especially if all the employees are paid the same amount.  

If employees are paid the same, but some are expected to complete supervisor-level work, employees will notice and resent it. One of the best ways to find out if an employee is overworked is to ask them.  

An overwhelmed woman looking at the camera

Lack of Opportunities  

One thing that some companies don’t realize is that most employees want to grow in their careers. Very frequently, employees want to be hired into a low-level position and stay there for the rest of their careers. Most employees look for a business that can help them grow and develop new skill sets or strengthen old skills.  

If you are only interested in taking what employees can give you without thinking about what you can give them in return, you will have a disappointed workforce. Not only will employees reduce the effort put into their work, but they will also increase the effort put into finding a new job somewhere where they are appreciated and respected.  

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Being Micromanaged  

Most people have had a run-in with a micromanager at some point in their lives. While they might be efficient and good at providing results, they are also really good at getting under people’s skin! Not only does micromanaging make employees feel a lack of trust, but it also removes any chance for growth.  

While it is essential to make sure mistakes aren’t made, it is also crucial to know that your employees are human, and sometimes mistakes happen. The worst thing to do in an office is restrict any creative freedom and get upset if a mistake is made. Mistakes are opportunities for people to learn. If they are handled the right way, they will probably be less noticeable in the future.

There are many different reasons why employees quit jobs, the best way to change that is by treating your employees with respect and appreciate the work they do.

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