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Upskilling for the Job You Want

In the business world, if you want to reach the next level, you must learn new skills.  And just as many advise you to “dress for the job you want,” you should also learn skills required by the job you want. For many looking to move up, this means going into a management position. Management often needs new skills and having them before you reach that position will only makes you a stronger candidate when an opening comes up! 

In the Office

Understanding budgets, financial terms, and other money concepts is a needed management skill. Managers often have to handle, create, and understand budgets. It is crucial to have general knowledge about basic finance. For general knowledge of finances and accounting, try out Bigger Brains’ Basic Business Finance. If you are confused by debits, credits, balance sheets, and other business accounting terms, this course will lead through the terms and concepts. Even though you may not have a job working directly with accounting or company budgets, knowing base terms and how things should flow together can go a long way in your career. (It can be helpful in your personal life!) 

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Being able to supervise others will come along with that management position.  And being able to empathize with your staff and effectively communicate with them is key.  You will be delegating tasks, and trying to fit the team member to the task. You will have to be able to understand the personal life issues that sometimes plague us all. Bigger Brains offers two courses that help you to work through these matters: Brain Bites: Empathy – The Key to Active Listening and Increase Your Listening Power (Effective Communication). Other Communication Skills, such a Writing in Plain Language will come in handy, too! 

At Home

Bigger Brains even has a course that puts many of these business skills that new managers should have in one place – New Manager Starter Kit. So, take some time to assess your goals, your skills, and your workplace environment.  Then select a few courses, trainings, or workshops that can help you reach the next step in your career ladder! 

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